Stoplog and Flap valves, Stainless steel Penstock

Stoplog and Flap valves, Stainless steel Penstock

Flap valve:

  • Prevent reverse flow during flood/ tide from river and sea.
  • Rectangular or Circular type face wall mount.
  • Stainless steel body
  • Stainless steel frame and hinge pin.
  • EPDM rubber seal.
  • The flap is suitable for seating head 5.0m

Stop log:

  • Multi piece stop logs are used for isolation application in open channel.
  • Face wall mount, side walls mount or side wall embed mount.
  • Stainless steel Stop log
  • Stainless frame with replaceable resilient lip seal.
  • Semi-automatic lifting beam
  • Storage rack for safe storage of stop logs


When designing a penstock, the following factors are to be taken into account

  • Pressure (On seating, Off seating, On/Off seating).
  • Types of invert (Rebate invert or Flush invert)
  • Mounting types (Wall mount, channel rebate or wall fixed within channel)
  • Operating Method (T key, electric actuator, manual gearbox and handwheel)
  • Stem types (Rising or Non-Rising)