scfb Self closing flood barrier

The SCFB, is a unique effective flood defense system to protect people and property from heavy rainfall, and high tides.

The system has been developed and built in the Netherlands, operate globally since 1998, the SCFB is acclaimed as the world’s most effective, reliable and economical flood protection system.

The system is made of very durable materials designed to at least for 50 to 100 years.

The SCFB underwent more than 70 tests including static load, dynamic load, buoyancy force, sand, gravel test, duration test (35 days), extreme cold temperature test, earthquakes test and obstruction test.

We could offer Self Closing Flood Door (SCFD) or Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) depends on your situations.

We also have Self Closing Wave Barrier (SCWB) and Self Closing Tsunami Barrier (SCTB) in suit your applications.

Key benefits:

  • No warning system
  • No manpower
  • No storage
  • Short closing time
  • Low operation cost
  • 24/7 flood protection