Auto Flip Up Flood Barrier

Hydrodynamic Auto Flip Up Flood Barrier

It is made of stainless steel body which are resistant against corrosion, the hydrodynamic Auto Flip Up Flood Barrier is composed of a durable ground bottom frame, a robust rotable water defence door leaf and a durable rubber soft stopping water plate at the ends of the walls on both sides. The whole flood gate adopt modular assembly and ultra-thin design. The flood gate can be quickly installed at the entrance and exit of underground buildings. When there is no water, the water defencing door leaf lies on the ground bottom frame, the vehicles and pedestrians can pass through without obstruction. In case of flood, the water flows into the lower part of the water defencing door leaf along the water inlet at the front end of the water defencing door leaf to flip up gradually and automatically. The auto flip up relys on the water buoyancy, no electricity nor manpower is needed. It is safe and reliable. During the flip up, warning light at the front of the water defencing leaf flashes to warn the vehicles or pedestrian pass-by.

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